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Welcome to MaritimeClassicCars.com

Maritime Canada's home for Classic Car owners to showcase their vehicles, find out where to meet, auto shows, show and shine events and just plain cruisin information. Also you will find listings for existing Car Clubs, Classic cars classifieds & parts for sale and other related topics

There are many individual car clubs existing in Canada's Maritime provinces but here at MaritimeClassicCars.com, we wanted to bring all of these clubs and additional informational resources together in one place so it is easier to find us on the internet map. Whether you want to display you classic beauty, looking for that classic car in our Classifieds or searching for a place to cruise to on the weekend to hang out with other classic car enthusiest, we hope to provide the answers to all of your Classic Car needs. If you have any questions feel free to contact us at info@maritimeclassiccars.com

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In The News
2019-09-16 - Supporting new author

Laurie Walker - Author
Laurie Walker - Author
Hi folks, normally I keep my bulletin board post to classic car related items. However I have a cousin who has written her first novel and i am helping her get some exposure. Here is a bit about the book.

Since the dawn of creation, Rhuna has held a secret deep beneath the Temple of Osiris—a malevolent force capable of bestowing immortality and unimaginable power to whomever possessed it. The Gods, rather than destroy all of Mythos to stop it, imprisoned the ancient evil and the one who created it. They separated Rhuna from the rest of Mythos leaving the land—and its people—to fade into legend. Kian’Huard and Ko’Resh, heirs to the House of Rhuna, happen upon a mysterious cave while out on a morning ride. The lure of the cave is beyond natural, compelling the brothers to enter. Too late, they realize their mistake and are trapped. Their only hope is a perilous venture deeper into the mountain. Plagued with danger, the journey pits brother against brother, until the final trial—the awakening of the Sem Lukos Resh. But the struggle does not end there. Driven by the darkness that possesses them, their conflict continues until only one brother remains. Centuries pass. The barriers separating Rhuna from the world fall. Long since presumed dead, Ko’Resh returns to Rhuna. Once more brother battles brother. One fights to save his world, the other to conquer it.


2019-09-03 - Driven Autoshow makes its way to Atlantic Canada for the first time
2019-07-10 - New Michale Irvine Art Book
2019-07-01 - Stretch Ferrari
2019-05-01 - Cruising and Car Show season is upon us!!

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Upcoming Events
September 21 - Middleton (NS)   (Connell Mopar Show & Shine)
September 21 - Lake Charlotte (NS)   (Cruzin Friends Antique Show & Shine)
September 21 - Spryfield (NS)   (Fall Classic Antique Car show)
September 21 - 22 - Sydney (NS)   (Fall Classic Show & Shine)
September 21 - Sackville (NB)   (Fall Fair Show & Shine)
September 21 - Saint John (NB)   (Rides at Rockwood Car Show)
September 21 - Hilden (NS)   (Scotia Pine Show n' Shine)
September 22 - Fredericton (NB)   (Freddy Beach Fall Fling Show 'n Shine)
September 22 - Canning (NS)   (The Lookoff Campground Show & Shine)

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We would like to welcome our newest registrations to MaritimeClassicCars.com.

Gene Acker - , NS
dale goodman - , NS
Roy Lamond - , NB
Bill Faulkner - , NS
Shawn Spears - , NS

To register, click here to launch registration form . If you have any questions or comments regarding registration, contact us at info@maritimeclassiccars.com.

Classified Ads are FREE!
Maritime Classic Cars.com classifieds was created to provide a place for buyers and sellers of collector cars and specialty vehicles to browse and sell locally or on the world wide market. You can list your car until it is sold! This includes up to five photos.

If you have a classic car for sale that you would like to list in our classifieds, click here to fill out the Classifieds Form. If you have pictures of your vehicle, send them to classifieds@maritimeclassiccars.com with a description of the vehicle you have sent pictures of.

Free Classic Car Club Listings
List your classic car club in our directory for Free! List by Province, City/Town. Find the right car club here. If you have a club that is not listed, contact us at info@maritimeclassiccars.com

Click here to display our Classic Car Club Listings.

Free Classic Car Event Listings
List your classic car event in our directory for Free! List Car Shows, Rallies, Swap Meets or other Special Car Events. Find an event in your area or across the Maritimes. If you have an event that is not listed, contact us at info@maritimeclassiccars.com

Click here to display our Classic Car Events Listings.


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